11. October 2014

Global Social Policy - Call for Articles

the journal 'Global Social Policy' calls for articles.

Global Social Policy is a fully peer-reviewed journal that advances understandings of social policy, social development, social and health governance, gender and poverty, social welfare, education, employment, and food, and the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation, from transnational and global perspectives. The journal publishes scholarly and policy-oriented articles that address global social policy discourse, and practice as well as transnational flows of capital, people, and policies including the diffusion of ideas.

The journal is edited by Gerard Boychuk (Balsillie School of International Affairs, Canada), Rianne Mahon  (Balsillie School of International Affairs, Canada) and Stephen McBride (McMaster University, Canada). Please get in touch with the editors (gsp@mcmaster.ca) if you have any questions regarding article submission, or visit the website at http://gsp.sagepub.com/

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