17. May 2014

'Transformations in Global and Regional Social Policies'

'Transformations in Global and Regional Social Policies' >>  edited by Alexandra Kaasch and Paul Stubbs has been published by Palgrave Macmillan.

The study of supranational, regional and global social policy has grown apace in the last fifteen years. Bringing together some of the leading scholars in the field, the book explores key issues in diverse aspects of global and regional social policy and offers challenging interpretations of the future prospects for global social justice. Bob Deacon's framing of the subject in terms of regulation, redistribution and rights is explored in relation to health care, labor market policies, global care chains, and climate change. Other contributions discuss the prospects for progressive regional social policies, social policy and international organizations in East Asia, and the emerging role of the middle class in global social policy. Concluding reflections by Bob Deacon discuss the need to add resource mobilization and relationality to the traditional concerns of global and regional social policy. The book provides an overview of global and regional social policy studies and addresses key themes for the future.


1. Global and Regional Social Policy Transformations
Paul Stubbs and Alexandra Kaasch
2. The Socialization of Regionalism and the Regionalization of Social Policy
Nicola Yeates
3. Global Economic Downturn and Social Protection in East Asia
Huck-ju Kwon
4. Common Health Policy Interests and the Politics of Rights, Regulation and Redistribution
Meri Koivusalo
5. Global Social Justice, Ethics and the Crisis of Care
Fiona Williams
6. Climate Change, Social Policy and Global Governance
Ian Gough
7. Poverty and Climate Change: The Three Tasks of Transformative Global Social Policy
Asunción Lera St.Clair and Victoria Lawson
8. Antagonism and Accommodation: The Labor – IMF / World Bank Relationship
Robert O'Brien
9. Grasping the Social Impact of Global Social Policy: How Neo-liberal Policies have Influenced Social Action in Morocco
Shana Cohen
10. Towards a Transformative Global Social Policy?
Bob Deacon

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