22. April 2014

GSP Digest 14.2

The Global Social Policy (GSP) Digest has been produced under the editorship of Alexandra Kaasch with support from the University of Bremen Centre for Social Policy Research and the Balsillie School of International Affairs. It has been compiled by Robert Akparibo, Julie Balen, Amy Barnes, James Canonge, Alexandra Kaasch, Branka Marijan, Sony Pellisery, Muhammad Saddiq, Henock Taddese, and Antoni Verger. It includes sections on Global Social Policies (redistribution, regulation, rights), Global Social Governance, International Actors and Social Policy (health, social protection, education, food, habitat-land-housing). This version of the Digest is also available on http://www.icsw.org, http://www.crop.org, and http://www.ilo.org. (a shorter version can be found as part of the journal Global Social Policy issue 14.2). All the web sites referenced were accessible in April 2014. This edition of the Digest covers the period November 2013 to mid-April 2014. 

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