27. September 2012

NEW CROP Policy Brief

A CROP Poverty Brief was published, entitled 'The Social Protection Floor'   and written by Bob Deacon.

This Poverty Brief argues that:
1. The new ILO’s Social Protection Floors Recommendation calls for
• access to essential health care,
• basic income security for children
• basic income secuity ...for persons in
active age who are unable to earn sufficient income
• basic income security for older persons

2. The twin track approach of the SPF Recommendation is concerned to both extend social security coverage horizontally to the currently uncovered and extend it vertically to enhance the contributory wage related social security benefits of workers both formal and informal.

3. UN agencies, the World Bank, the G20, many INGOs have all endorsed the Call for Social Protection Floors

4. Four things will determine if real social protection floors are laid down:
• The strength of national civil societylead campaigns
• Whether the World Bank will use its influence to twist the national definitions of floors back into targeted safety nets.
• Whether the IMF can be persuaded to enable countries to create the fiscal space to lay the foundations of the SPFs.
• Whether the SPF becomes embedded as an important element of the donor supported post MDG, post 2015 UN development policy.

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