28. June 2012

ISA - Global Social Policy Section

Call for Support of an online petition

The editors of the "Global Social Policy" journal. Gerry Boychuk, Rianne Mahon, and Stephen McBride are trying to secure the addition of global social policy as a new section of the International Studies Association (ISA) as this would provide another meeting place for those interested and also add to the prominence of global social policy within the interdisciplinary field of international studies.

According to the constitution of the ISA, this requires, amongst other things, submitting an online petition with the names of no less than 100 ISA members in good standing.

If you are already ISA member, and would like to support this initiative, simply go to http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/isa-global-social-policy.html and add your name and details.

If you are not yet an ISA member, you might consider membership in order to support the initiative and join the group. In general, ISA is a very large and prestigious interdisciplinary association which meets once a year. Although the venue is typically in the US, it attracts quite a few from across the world. You might check out other benefits from membership from the ISA website>>.

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