Idea of the GSPO

Global Social Policy embraces two aspects of global policy. One is the supra-national policy field of global redistribution, regulation and rights and global social governance. The other is the prescriptions and advice about national social policies (of health, education, social protection, habitat and food) provided by global organisations and actors.

The Global Social Policy Observatory (GSPO) is a source of information about all of these global social policies and their governance. It is also a platform for exchange of information between researchers, practitioners and activists in global social policy. The GSPO is a development upon the long established GSP Digest which has since 2000  reported developments in Global Social Policy in both the pages of the GSP journal >> and on various web sites such as on the International Council on Social Welfare's (ICSW) >>, the GASPP's >>, and Comparative Research Programme on Poverty's (CROP) >>.

The GSPO provides updates about global social policy between the periodic four-monthly regular editions of the GSP Digest. The contributors > provide these updates but others are welcome to send to the editor suggestions and links regarding other developments and academic news.

Academic News